Wendy Has Spoken

Wendy Williams is known for dishing the tea on everybody but herself. It appears that reality star Karlie Redd and Lamar Odom are her latest targets. Sometimes it’s not about what you say, it’s about HOW you say it. Wendy has stated that Karlie Redd is too “old and dusty” for her friend Lamar.

Wendy Williams (courtesy of google)

Lamar has stated that he is NOT dating Karlie Redd that they are just friends. Odom who just recently broke up with his girlfriend, has been seen in Atlanta with Redd at several events. Wendy continues to recently explain to her audience that she believes the two, (Redd and Odom) are being intimate and definitely thinks that Karlie is trying to turn this in to a relationship.

Karlie and Lamar Odom (courtesy of google)

Some are saying Wendy needs to focus on her own issue, but Wendy has spoken and is known for speaking on what she wants. Is Wendy answering everything about everything with the exception of her business? Seems so.

Stay tuned for this story and more!

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