Visions Of Greatness “Mental Toughness” 1-27-19

As a mental health therapist, speaker, and agent of change I created the Visions of Greatness platform to showcase the power of purpose and passion in the pursuit of Greatness.

The topic for today’s broadcast of the Visions of Greatness Talk Show is Mental Toughness: Football Analogies For Entrepreneurs.

Mental Toughness is a continuation of our conversation on the January 13 broadcast in which we discussed The Mental Cost of Entrepreneurship.

The Mental Cost of Entrepreneurship was coined by Entrepreneur and Psychotherapist Shanna A. Jefferson to raise awareness of the importance of entrepreneurs taking a holistic approach in their endeavors including addressing their mental health.

Today’s topic discussion will feature entrepreneurs from various professions whom have endured challenges on and off the “field” of entrepreneurship. And, as we kick off Super Bowl week in Atlanta, we will also talk Football.

To become a contributing author in The Mental Cost of Entrepreneurship book project, email us at [email protected]m.

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