Vince Herbert (Tamar’s Ex-Husband) Being Sued For Fraud?

Tamar Braxton’s ex-husband Vince Herbert is in legal trouble again… For several years, he has faced issues such as an eviction lawsuit, repossessions, and owing Sony Music for money advanced to him to name a few. According to Radar, he was reportedly served legal documents after refusing to cough up the $66,000 owed to his jeweler. Vince is being sued by Greene & Co International along with owner Michael Greene for deceit, and breach of contract and fraud.

Seven unique separate pieces were created for Vince Herbert upon his request. To extend his line of credit with the jewelry company, he lied about his net worth, career status, etc. Vince wrote a check for $20,000 and was allowed to obtain the pieced before “the invoice had been paid in full”. The check bounced when it was taken to the bank. (Sidebar: The jeweler probably should have used that mobile check deposit app feature…)

Text messages were exchanged regarding the bounced check and the balance due. Vince basically gave a bunch of broken promises. Vince Herbert along with is companies, Trend-Scend LLC and GloeJoe Music Inc, were mentioned as defendants being sued for the remaining balance plus interest that comes to $66,320.12. No comments have been released as of yet from Vince Herbert.

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