Unleashed Talk Show”Behind the MUSIC” 02-10-19

When you have a Husband and Wife Team this dynamic you have to bring them to the couch! Tune in to this weeks episode of Unleashed to find out how they manage life “Behind the MUSIC”!

Are you looking to take your music career to another level? Are curious about what goes into creating a hit record? Well tune in this Sunday @ deedriachauntee is joined by @dvanteblack @davemenatlarge @eumikabodygriffin @kevingriffgriffin for a dynamic episode of unleashed! Who is joining me on the couch NEXT? Unleashed Talk Show on Global Vision TV broadcasted through Status Network

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YouTube: Global Vision TV https://bit.ly/2yRpbw8

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Website: StatusNetwork.net

Roku: Status Network, Show on Global Vision TV channel

Call In # 470-251-4707


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