The Holistic Cannabis Show 7-5-20

The Holistic Cannabis show on Manifest TV broadcasted through Status Network

Bringing to the community knowledge of medical affects of cannabis in a holistic (mind, body, soul) aspect! health and spirituality from Dr.Yolanda Henderson (CEO of The Holistic Society, The Gift of life community home, owner of Atlanta Academy of Cannabis Science, Author, Army Vet, MS survivor, Health Coach, Doctor of Natural Medicine, mom of epilepsy survivor),to news, politics, and entertainment from Mr. Hen (musician, CEO of Big Shot Intertainment & NTH Credit, Director of accounting at Atlanta Academy of Cannabis Science, father of epilepsy survivor), They will having you laughing and desiring to learn more while having fun and indulging in various cannabis topics. To further detail, segments by Dr. Henderson includes health, wellness, and positive benefits of cannabis. Meanwhile, Mr. Hen includes a wide genre of music, cannabis news, questions, answers, and opinions by poll of the audiences. They offer guest a platform to educate,promote, and discuss medical cannabis with testimonials. Become apart of the audience and receive the opportunity to be on Tv receive free advertised material, swag bags, and more!

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