The DTTO Show “Mother’s Day Edition” 5-9-19

The DTTO SHOW on Global Vision TV broadcasting through Status Network!

It goes down again TONIGHT!!! New music from the homie…The reigning Atlanta’s Hottest Entertainment Awards Male Hip Hop winner AL Blaze…

“We Do Not Own The Rights To This Music”

We also have the founder of Lupus Matters Corporation… Monica Ellis…she is also bringing some music and we will be discussing her living with Lupus and some other things she is passionate about…plus SHE’S GIVING AWAY 2 FREE TICKETS TO BALLING FOR LUPUS

As well as another DOPE female artist with some new music…what she’s been up too…and what’s next for Nikki E

We look forward to having some fun…spreading the word…and learning from and about these dope guests!! Join us on the Award winning DTTO SHOW every Thursday night 8pm to 10pm EST on #STATUSNETWORK #GLOBALVISIONTV with 2018 BMAA Radio Host of the year and 2018 Atlanta’s Hottest Online Radio Personality SagaBoss and my partners in crime…the very talented and beautiful Vitelle aka Boss Lady V…the super perky Parker Van and the People’s Choice @infamous_won!!

So call in with your comments and questions or for your chance to win at 470-251-4707… Atlanta’s Hottest Online Radio Show
The DTTO SHOW on Global Vision TV broadcasted through Atlanta’s HThe DTTO ShowTO WATCH US LIVE

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