The Conversation Corner “Timothy Hughes and Cierra Smith” 6-26-19

The June 26th airing of The Conversation Corner with Author Andrew Snorton is one you don’t want to miss, as we put the spotlight on some truly wonderful things happening in both Metro-Atlanta AND Nashville (TN)!

Cierra Smith is more than a key “behind the scenes” figure with our show. Her community efforts in Metro-Atlanta via Fearlessly Gifting 4 All are ones to pay close attention to as well as support. Given a health issue (kidney illness) that hits close to home (her father), she is aware of how unaware not only patients and families may be when it comes to these kinds of issues. As a result, her organization is strongly committed to providing improved awareness, education, and access to resources for both patients and families; for more information, make sure to engage and connect with them at @_fearlesslygifting4all_

The same can be said for Nashville (TN) based Timothy Hughes. His work via Gideon’s Army provides improved advocacy for youth and adults as it relates to dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline as in a key area/zip code (37208) has the highest incarceration rate of ANY zip code in the country. Combined with related data including murder rates, youth poverty, and other measures, the organization’s focus on restorative justice programming is key in changing this narrative. Likewise, his work with The Equity Alliance focuses on equipping citizens with tools and strategies aligned with improved engagement in the larger civic process and taking positive, strategic, and constructive action as it relates to communities of color and beyond. To learn more, visit (as well as Gideon’s Army on Facebook and @gideonsarmyunited on Instagram) and (as well as The Equity Alliance on Facebook and @theequityalliance on Instagram).

Make sure to view the show LIVE at 7pm EST on June 26th on the Status Network website ( on the LyveTV channel and the network’s free app. You may also view the show live on social media for the network and channel (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Periscope, Instagram, and other platforms), ROKU, Amazon Firestick, the Facebook Live for Author Andrew Snorton, and @authorasnorton on Instagram (behind the scenes), so #letshaveaconversation

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