-The Conversation Corner “Tiffany Jordan and Andy Morgan” 2-26-20

The Conversation Corner with the author, Andrew Snorton!

Tonight’s live show features Tiffany Jordan. The Wake Forest and Cornell alum is one of a group of young professionals helping to re-engage their hometown of Roanoke, VA. In sharing their professional experience and drive for community outreach, their efforts are about bridging the gap and bringing out better practices on areas of concern including (but not limited to) food equity and access, political engagement, and other related areas.

Our second guest, Andy Morgan, is a military veteran who has a body of professional and nonprofit work in being engaged in the community. Now, he is looking to take his public service to the next level as a candidate for Gwinnett County Commission Chair, as his platform includes key areas ranging from economic development, education, transportation, quality of life, along with accountability and accessibility.

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