The Conversation Corner “Sherry Washington, Pasty Austin-Gatson, Shelly Hutchinson” 3-11-21

Let’s have a conversation with the author, Andrew Snorton, as he has 3 amazing guests as part of the HerStory series and as part of Women’s History Month! Rockdale County Post 1 Commissioner Sherry Washington rejoins us to provide an update of the work taking place in one of the growing counties of the Metro-Atlanta area. Pasty Austin-Gatson serves as the District Attorney for the Gwinnett County (GA) Judicial Circuit, as she shares the work she’s doing to not only protect the county’s residents, but the implementation of programs to reduce recidivism rates to provide equal and fair justice for all. Likewise, state representative (Georgia House District 107) Shelly Hutchinson takes time away from the current legislative session (GA) to speak to the events taking place which impact all Georgia residents.

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