The Conversation Corner “Shelly Flood, BlackBall and Sweet Jones Cookies, BCSG360” 3-24-21

Let’s have a conversation with the author, Andrew Snorton, as he has 3 amazing guests as tonight’s show takes on a baseball theme! Shelly Flood, the daughter of the late Curt Flood, joins us to discuss her father’s legacy; thanks to his efforts (including sacrificing his career), today’s Major League Baseball players (and other pro sports) are able to enjoy the benefits of free agency! The team behind BlackBall and Sweet Jones Cookies share their work on preserving the legacy and culture of the Negro Leagues along with collaborative programming. Finally, the team of BCSG360 joins us as their HBCU Baseball Classics (the recently played Jax Diamond Classic and the upcoming Lonestar Diamond Classic and Music City Classic) not only showcase amazing baseball but support for the schools and larger community!

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