The Conversation Corner “Renee Miller and Adisa Aarons” 9-9-20

Tonight’s show features two guests doing some great things across entertainment, business, community, and more. Under the leadership of Renee Miller, Enigma Business Group has a solid record of amazing events in arts and entertainment that are high quality, provide a safe setting, and are ideal for mature audiences and more! Their upcoming event on September 19, 2020, #GroovesAndGrapes, provides an intimate experience complete with live music from GrooveCentric, as well as one of the top DJ’s in Atlanta, DJ Tron, on the 1’s and 2’s!

Likewise, we welcome Adisa Aarons back on the show. His story is one of encouragement and empowerment, and through support from the #AdisaBeatsCancer campaign, he provides an update on his recovery, along with related initiatives regarding health and wellness.

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