The Conversation Corner “Lecar Fox and Rep. Valencia Stovall” 8-12-20

Let’s have a conversation on The Conversation Corner with the author, Andrew Snorton!

Tonight’s show features two guests doing some great things across entertainment, business, community, and more. Based out of Chicago, Lecar Fox is making some creative and innovative moves when it comes to getting businesses and prospective clients connected. Through her forthcoming (August 15, 2020) launch of Connections with Power, she and her team are creating a community to empower Black-owned businesses. An 8-year member of the Georgia Legislature, Valencia Stovall (Independent) makes her way to our show to discuss her platform grounded in government efficiency, economic opportunity, and global stewardship. As a candidate for US Congress (Senate), this is a “can’t miss” way to be more politically aware and engaged.

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