-The Conversation Corner “Healthy Mothers/Healthy Babies” 9-11-19

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Airing Tonight: (September 11th at 7pm EST)

Let’s have a conversation with our two wonderful guests, members of the Metro-Atlanta nonprofit Healthy Mothers/Healthy Babies, and author Moise Michel.

Healthy Mothers/Healthy Babies focus is providing access to resources and opportunities for prenatal and preventative healthcare through direct service, community advocacy, and education. Their upcoming event on September 23rd is their “Move the Mark” golf tournament; as a result of “the call” for golfers and sponsors, it’s an engaging way to support their outreach efforts and more!

Moise Michel is an Atlanta based (and New York raised) author whose works focus on self-image, empowerment, and more. With children and young people in mind, he is truly a “seed-planter” when it comes to his work as an author, action-planner, and community advocate, he is a person to definitely keep an eye on.

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