The Conversation Corner “Entertainment, Business, and Community” 5-27-20

Let’s have a conversation on The Conversation Corner with the author, Andrew Snorton! Tonight’s show features 2 guests who are doing some amazing things across entertainment, business, community, and more. Kechia Hardeman makes a return visit to provide an update of the outstanding work she is doing. The author of 2 books (“From the Seats to the Streets. From the Streets to the Seats” and “I’ll Fight for Me: War on Breaking the Cycle in Your Life [a 14 Day Journey]”), and community advocate is a growing presence in stewardship, outreach, and making faith real, active, and relevant. Our second guest has a powerful story; Adisa Aarons is more than a professional, family man, and community resource as a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. His current health journey is one of strength and purpose as he lives beyond cancer as his #AdisaBeatsCancer campaign is about empowering self, others, and the larger community when it comes to this health issue.

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