The Conversation Corner “3rd Level EMG” 7-24-19

The Conversation Corner with Author Andrew Snorton features 3rd Level EMG as our exclusive guests. The Atlanta-based company is a top-notch recording and entertainment services team with a state of the art recording studio, producers, and more. Their work cuts across multiple music genres and more, and with their current format, are able to work with a wide range of artists and more, from the up-and-coming to the established.

Tune in July 24th at 7pm EST on the Status Network website ( on the LyveTV channel for the show (The Conversation Corner). You may view the show on the network’s smartphone app, multiple social media platforms for the network and channel (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and others), ROKU, Amazon Firestick, the Facebook Live for Author Andrew Snorton, and @authorasnorton on Instagram Live for a behind the scenes look. Let’s have a conversation with Author Andrew Snorton and learn more about some great things taking place in entertainment, business, the community, and more!

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