W.I.L. Power 10-31-20

Mixing logistix, lifestyle, & real world issues, we dive deeper into the everyday struggles of our careers to those of our personal obligations. Not only will you hear the struggles but there are many of the Women In Logistix who will speak on the accolades, successes, & rewards of staying focused on their path. We […]

W.I.L. Power “Dispatching is KEY to the industry” 11-12-20

Topic of the Night: “Dispatching is KEY to the industry” Racquel gives a rundown of how to get into logistics dispatching and why it’s so important to market your business. 

W.I.L. Power “Cover YOU beyond Your Equipment.” 11-19-20

W.I.L. Power on Manifest TV powered by Status Network Topic of the Night: “Cover YOU beyond Your Equipment.” Racquel welcomes TaNeshia @thelegacybuilder Reed, CEO of LONG HAUL LIFE to discuss the importance of Owner Operators having insurance beyond the coverage of your equipment alone! 

W.I.L. Power “Entrepreneurs = More than one Hustle” 12-3-20

Topic of the Night: “Entrepreneurs = More than one Hustle” Racquel welcomes JT Hustlez, @jthustlez, The Underground King of Entrepreneurship. He brings knowledge in YouTube development & many ways to earn your Hustle.

W.I.L. Power “Truck Accidents and What Can Be Avoided” 12-10-20

Special Guest Joshua Palmer @joshpalmer_esq of the Palmer Law Firm, joins us tonight 8pm EST on @ugotwilpower.  When this Lawyer steps in the courtroom, it’s going to be problems for the opposing council. He brings knowledge of trucking accidents with his own firm as well as civil justice as he has sat alongside some of […]