Do I Look Sick?! “Sickle Cell Awareness Month Open Mic” 9-14-20

We are taking our annual open mic virtually! September is Sickle Cell Awareness month so we are bringing our open mic to your homes not just for one show, but all month long. You do not want to miss this episode of Do I Look Sick with our featured artist Monday 9/14 Do I Look […]

Do I Look Sick “Healing In A World of Chaos” 1-11-21

Topic: Healing In A World of Chaos #DoILookSick #StatusNetwork #ManifestTV #MyTeamIsDope #SCA365 #NoDaysOff

Do I Look Sick? 8-24-20

Do I Look Sick?! on Manifest TV powered by Status Network

Do I Look Sick?! “What’s New with Dr. Hodge” 4-26-21

Excited to catch up with Dr. Rasean Hodge to discuss updates to the GA state laws in regards to medical marijuana, the impact that COVID-19 has had, how we can address the mistrust that the Black community has of the healthcare community with vaccinations and clinical trials, plus much more. You guys don’t want to […]

Do I Look Sick “Sickle Cell Pain and Medical Marijuana” 4-13-20

Dr. Rasean Hodge will help explain Sickle Cell pain and educate us on the benefits of medical marijuana. He will also be answering questions and debunking some common myths about medical marijuana.

Do I Look Sick”?! “COVID and the family struggle” 4-12-21

We are a welcoming, fun, and loving family, but we also have our struggles much like everyone else. It has been difficult to adjust to this pandemic, social restrictions, and trying to explain why I have to take certain precautions more seriously than they do. There has been a lack of understanding pertaining to COVID-19 […]

Do I Look Sick?! “Sickle Cell Wellness” 5-11-20

Dr. Abraham has over 35 years of experience in Sickle Cell disease education and management. He has been advocating for holistic health for over 15 years. We will be discussing comprehensive care and finding out what we can do at home to make sure we have optimal health.

Do I Look Sick “Open Mic with C. Saint” 9-28-20

Do I Look Sick on Manifest TV powered by Status Network. Tune in for some poetry and open discussion on Sickle Cell. We are having Candis St.John (I Am C.Saint) as the featured artist on Do I look Sick? What a way to end our annual Sickle Cell awareness open mic event by having this […]

Do I Look Sick?! “The COVID-19 vaccine: A Warriors Experience” 3-22-21

 Have you been vaccinated yet for COVID-19? Are you hesitant with the conflicting information? I don’t know about you guys but I have so many mixed emotions about getting the vaccine. Let’s release some of the anxiety and get some answers and relief about this issue.   #DoILookSick #StatusNetwork #ManifestTV #MyTeamIsDope #SCA365 #NoDaysOff

Do I Look Sick?! “Alternative Summer Ideas” 5-25-20

Do I Look Sick?! on Manifest TV powered by Status Network covering Alternative Summer Ideas

Do I Look Sick Show “Opioid Dependency” 10-12-20

Topic: Opioid Dependency Do I Look Sick on Manifest TV powered by Status Network