Say Tell Us “Domestic Violence /Abuse in Marriages” 2-27-19

me is DEFINITELY a charm!

February 27, 2019, Clinician Tracy Monroy-Loye’ will be on the Say TellUs TV show again for the 3rd time per Say TellUs fans request 🙂

And you BEYOND do not want to miss THIS segment!

The initial topic of discussion will address ‘Domestic Violence / Abuse’ in marriages and how the (physical, mental and emotional) ABUSE continues if the Abuser does NOT receive therapy.

This Say TellUs TV show, Wednesday, February 27, 2019, will begin the initial series of discussion pertaining to (physical, mental and emotional) Abuse in marriages.

The 2nd followup show will be on Wednesday, March 13, 2019, which will have a Showcased guest on the show who has been receiving (physical, mental and emotional) ABUSE from her current husband.

We hope to have the Abuser-husband on the Say TellUs TV Show (March 13, 2019) as well with the hopes of initiating the healing process for Husband to stop abusing his wife and hopefully prevent the ending of their marriage. Of course we understand TOTAL healing definitely will NOT take place within a 1 hour segment. …….But, the Say TellUs TV Show wants to hear his side as well and provide a platform for him to explain / tell his side of the story and hopefully HE will agree to therapy for his own wellness even if the marriage cannot be saved. As his wife said his past two previous relationships consisted of physical, mental and emotional Abuse too.

The wife wants to tell her story to the Say TellUs fans because she has no one to talk to, no relatives or friends in the city they reside in and she said openly discussing the Abuse she received from her husband, in his words were ”her fault’ and she is confused and needs help.

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