Saweetie and Quavo Elevator Brawl

Footage of Quavo and Saweetie emerge of the pair fighting on an elevator. The couple recently broke up and while little details were given about the break up, the two have been going back and forth on social media in front of the world.

Quavo and Saweetie Fight in Elevator

In the video, it appears that Saweetie was swinging at Quavo and he pushed her off of him and into the elevator. The young “Best Friend” can be seen falling to the floor where she remains until they reach their destination floor. He then waits for her to get off the elevator.

Image courtesy of Google

Now some are reporting that he swung on her first. It’s up to who sees what in the video. The question on everyone’s mind is, this video was last year so why is all of this just now coming out? Is this a publicity stunt? Is someone releasing a new album.

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