Real Chicks Rock! “The Ladies Who Sing Part 2” 4-18-21

My delightful and beautiful guests were Tasha LaRae and Tee Diviniti Smith.
The Topic: The Ladies Who Sing Part 2.
These ladies can sing indeed and I was so glad they were able to help me celebrate my 5th year (season) of doing the show. ?
They shared how and when they started to sing. For Diviniti, singing found her and for Tasha she always knew. There were so many gems in this conversation that I don’t want to spoil it for you. However, I will tell you that these ladies had the courage to grow and do the work. Not only professionally but personally. Despite how they felt, they remained humble throughout the process.
Check out this discussion and get enlightened about who these women are. I’m glad that they are leaving a trail that won’t be forgotten.
Thanks to Status Network / Lyve TV for helping me look and sound good.

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