Real Chicks Rock “How We Grow and Glow” 1-16-2022

On Real Chicks Rock!™ Presents Real Discussions ~ Topic: Farming: How We Grow and Glow
To our roots and heritage as Black People by growing what we consume. This past Sunday on Real Chicks Rock! Presents Real Discussions, the Topic: Farming ~ How To Grow and Glow. My guests were husband and wife Keisha “Kee” and Kenyatta Muenda.
What a beautiful, intelligent, and vibrant couple. They were raised on foods that farmed off their land. Especially, Kee’s family goes back several generations that have been passed down. Now, we can all benefit from their commitment to helping our communities own and grow what they eat.
Teaching others especially kids in schools is one of their goals as well as an Air BNB that allows people to learn about farming/planting while staying in the Air BNB. This is a wonderful way to gain control of what we are putting in our bodies.
Thanks to my guests who provided a lot of good information and insight on the topic.

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