Maybe Saweetie Isn’t So Sweet

Well it comes to no surprise to some and a big surprise to others, but hip hop couple Saweetie and Quavo have called it quits. Saweetie has taken to social media to report that she’s dealt with so much for so long behind the scenes and she no longer wished to continue to let folks believe in a “false narrative”. Quavo went on another social media site to respond by stating there were no “false” narratives, but that he was going to take the “high road” oh this one.

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There’s so much speculation as to what has really happened. Some are saying that Saweetie was flirting with an ex on a reality show, and Quavo was not having it. Nonetheless Quavo has simply responded she was “not the women” he thought she was. Yes. You read that right, WOMEN. There might just lie the problem sir, she’s only ONE person, that we’re aware of.

To be honest this really goes either way. A beautiful chick on the rise and a young budding producer/ artist. They’re young. Maybe it’s for the best. 

Stay tuned 

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