Love And Hips TV Show “Ray Lavender and NawfHead” 10-4-20

Born in Monroe, LA, Ray Lavender (or Ray-L, though he has also gone by L.A. Ray, RayBlack, and Earl Ray) knew from early on that he wanted to be a star. His family moved to Atlanta when Ray was only eight years old to provide more opportunities for him to accomplish this. After a few years of performing in local talent shows the young singer was noticed by a man named Andrew Bryant, who realized Lavender’s talent and worked on developing him. When Lavender was in high school his father died, prompting his family to move to rural Georgia, and though obviously distraught, he continued singing, eventually joining up with a classmate. It was through this friend that Lavender was introduced to #Akon, the singer/producer who eventually signed him to his Geffen imprint, Kon Live Records. After practicing his chops performing with the Senegalese-American on his opening slot for #GwenStefani‘s 2007 summer tour (before Akon was kicked off following his inappropriate dancing with an underage audience member during a show of his in Trinidad), Ray Lavender released his debut album, X-Rayted, which featured the singles “My Girl’s Gotta Girlfriend” and “Donkey Kong,” later that year.

Nawfhead aka Headline is born and raised In Shreveport, Louisiana, but just like any kid from the streets of Louisiana, it was far from easy. Shootings every night, surrounded by hatred, & negativity. Shreveport environment is permeated with crabs in the bucket mentality. Headline aka Nawfhead started writing and recording music at the age 11. He also Wrote music for the famous rapper by the name of Coolio. Singles I Will and Started from the bottom. Now he’s currently staying in Atlanta, Georgia pursuing his music career. You can follow him on these social platforms, Spotify, Instagram @Nawfhead, Triller @Nawfhead, & Facebook @Nawfhead. All upcoming events, singles, music videos, mixtapes, and albums

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