Love And Hips TV Show “Jazatopia” 6-28-20

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Jazatopia has showcased her talent as an entertainer. From a dancer to a songwriter, arranger, producer, and singer. Let’s just say entertainment is in her blood. Whether creating melodies and visual projects for others or herself she is always in Re-invention mode! Jazatopia started off training to be a dancer in high school in her hometown of Detroit, MI. After graduation, she performed locally in hair shows, with a rap artist, and as a featured dancer on WADL’s Dance Party. She also has been arranging and producing music under Snowball Records (Indie) label! She worked with a couple of artists in her hometown of Detroit, MI. She has produced and arranged “Symptoms of Love” by Lois, “Get to Steppin” by the late Grady Washington, and “Baddest Chick” by Cientell, as well as others. She decided to put out music for herself. The 1st single was “Left Breathless” a Dance instrumental in 2010. Followed by, “Get ya Dance on” feat. The TFO Horns. More and more, she started to add more of her own vocals.!! Her albums “Man Up”, “The Re-invention continues”, “Eve of Evolution”, “Perception” & several singles are available on Digital Download on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, etc.!Her music is a mixture of Pop, R&B, Soul and EDM!! 

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