Lil Nas X Cancelled?

Well it’s apparent that rapper Lil Nas X is taking his career to hell.. literally. Lil Nas X just released his new music video “Montero” featuring Satan. That’s right, Satan. In the video, the “Old Town Road” artist is seen pole dancing, sliding through hell, snd giving Satan a lap dance.

A few years back Lil Nas X came out as being gay and there were little to a lot of opinions about his choices. The world got over it, why wouldn’t they? This is 2020, literally. Nas X who was nominated for a Teen a choice award is now letting it all hang out, or at least hearing it up.

Lil Nas X (courtesy of Google)

Black Twitter is having none of this. Not only is Lil Nas X seen in the video being sexually explicit, he’s releasing a Satan sneaker with Nike and saying it has REAL human blood inside the shoe. Pics are flying all amidst social media. the world claiming the young artist has sold his soul. Some feel this is BEYOND a publicity gimmick.

Critics are saying, “what about the kids”? Well Lil Nas X is clapping back like so many other artists do. He posted, in a since deleted tweet, “what about the kids that are kept in cages”? This seems to be too much. In the industry no publicity is BAD publicity. Has the rapper just found a way to make BAD publicity?

Lil Nas X (courtesy of Google)

Stay tuned as story develops.

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