-Lets Talk About It Live “T.I.’s Change of Heart” 12-5-19

Join us for Let’s Talk About it Live with Jeffery L. Miller on Manifest TV.

This week we have a jam packed show!
In hour 1, we will be talking about your money with two financial experts. We welcome the creator of “Corporate Black Gurl” Brittani Hubbard and speaker and Financial Expert Sean J. Harris. They will help you start the new year off with sound advice for your finances.

In hour two, we will discuss T.I.’s change of heart, RAH Digga’s opinion on all things hymen and how society tries to control women’s bodies with Nala! She is fired up and ready to go toe to toe with me in this discussion.

This show is going to be the BOMB!!

We will also discuss email drama (and I mean DRAMA), Facebook Foolishness, Well Said Statements, why some men and women are still single and who needs to “sssssssssssit their ass down!!”

Do NOT miss this show!
Tune in for Let’s Talk About it Live with Jeffery L. Miller!

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