Kayne stunting or Nah

Thursday, August 5th, the rapper icon emerged from his bedroom in the Atlanta Mercedes Benz Stadium yet again. For the second time West is letting the world hear “Donda” the album named after his late mom that he’s been working on.

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Ticket sales were great, but at some point Thursday tickets went to a mere $20 for sone fairly decent seats. The artist didn’t perform or do anything of the sort, however his prescence was huge. Fans who weren’t present eagerly awaited the drop of this new album at midnight, but nothing occurred.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

Some are stating that this is a marketing technique that is seemingly working, Fans continue to pour out to hear the work of who some refer to as a creative genius. The album release teasing comes at the height of a wardrobe release from GAP collaboration with Kayne.

Well whatever it is, the world is here for it with the album simultaneously streaming on Apple Music while listening party was being held in Atlanta. Reports are now stating album will official drop August 9th.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

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