Justice For George Floyd

Today most of the world watched as the verdict was delivered in the George Floyd case. The case that most have followed so closely.

George Floyd and a officer Chauvin (per google)

George Floyd died when an officer held his knee to George Floyd’s neck for over 10 minutes. There were several onlookers that watched as Mr. Floyd took his last breaths. Video footage surfaced and the world watched as Floyd continuously told the officer he couldn’t breathe.

Today, the community feels as though justice has been served, but they’re forgetting something major, sentencing. Yes, there was a guilty verdict that was handed down today to the officer that commited this crime, Derek Chauvin; but now comes the tough part, sentencing. How much time will he get for using excessive force? Will justice truly be served? Chauvin has been convicted of second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. Last year the attorney general Barr denied a plea bargain for 10 years. So now what?

Officer Chauvin and George Floyd in final moments (per google)

Well stay tuned as story continues to develop.

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