Derrick Jaxn Cheated

The word is out. Popular relationship expert Derrick Jaxn cheated. Well there was a young lady that has outed the relationship guru and she came with the receipts. Derrick known for his videos giving advice to both men and women, has been with his wife for a total of 12 years. The couple is still married and together.

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The news of the infidelity broke earlier today, there was no word from Mr. Jaxn or his wife. This evening a video was made with he and his wife talking through this and him stating that he did in fact cheat on his wife. His wife also decided to chime in and stated that she was aware of this and that this took place last year, The couple went on to state that they have had time to deal and to heal.

Later, shortly after the video was posted, Jaxn and his wife decided to go LIVE on instagram and continue the conversation. Derrick stated that he did not owe anyone any explanations, but he felt as though with being who he is, that he needed to speak out on the cheating allegations. Oddly enough, he was hinting to the fact that the Mrs. may be guilty of doing some things herself. He simply kept stating,
“We won’t get in to all of that right now”. The Shaderoom and other bloggers were tuned in to the live and coming with the questions. Derrick’s wife was seen coming out of character a bit, to which he was there to calm her down.

Derrick may have cheated, but he and his wife appear to be handling the publicity of this all in stride. Stay tuned as story continues to devlope.


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