Child Dead in What Appears to be a Murder Suicide

Kobi Shepardson (image courtesy of Google)

A tragedy has struck an Australian tourist attraction. A father fell 118 feet while clinging on to his 9 month old baby girl. 38 year old Henry Shepherdson and his daughter Kobi sustained severe injuries from their fall. Paramedics that arrived b the scene attempted to give Kobi CPR, but were unable to save her life.

It is being said that witness were trying to get the baby away from her father when they suspected something was going on. Shepherdson and Kobi’s mom had a history of a domestic violence in their relationship. Kobi’s mom indicated that the child was not abducted and Henry lawfully had permission to have the young child.

Whispering Wall in Australia (image courtesy of Google)

Court documents revealed that Shepherdson had been charged months earlier with threatening to kill his infant daughter and previously had her mother jailed. Court documents also revealed that the local police were against Henry making bail, nonetheless he was released. Henry was scheduled to appear in court the day of the incident to answer to on going charges with Kobi’s mother.

Kobi Shepherdson (image courtesy of Google)

Did the system fail this young child? Did her mother fail her? So many questions and thoughts. Thoughts and prayers to out to the family of 9 month old Kobi Shepherdson.

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