Bubba Wallace Reaches Out To NASCAR Fan Who Went Viral

Bubba Wallace has responded to the NASCAR fan who went viral for his story on Twitter.

On Monday, a NASCAR fan revealed that his father had torn off the Bubba Wallace sticker from his car. The story quickly went viral.

“My dad just ripped my Bubba Wallace sticker off the back of my car and threw it in the trash because he thought it was ‘tacky’ and ‘a political statement.’ I’m black, I love NASCAR, and idc if it offends you, even if you’re my own dad,” the fan tweeted.

The tweet quickly gained traction, with more than 4,000 likes. Wallace, the sport’s only Black driver in the NASCAR Cup Series, responded to the fan on Twitter.

“Sorry to hear this! Let’s get you some new stuff DM me your addy bro! Always appreciated your support!” he tweeted back.

The fan was very appreciative.

“I’ve been watching NASCAR for years but only just recently got back into it thanks to Bubba Wallace. We’re both biracial so it’s extremely personal to me!!” the fan tweeted.

Wallace, 26, has been competing in NASCAR’s Cup Series since 2017. He races the No. 43 car for Richard Petty Motorsports, though he’s been getting interest from other teams heading into 2021. {The Spun}



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