Blac Youngsta Arrested

If unbothered had a name it would be Blac Youngsta because clearly he’s unbothered. The “Booty” rapper was pulled over and arrested for unlawful possession of a weapon over the weekend in Dallas. Initially officers pulled over the black suv that he was riding in stating that the driver made ah illegal turn.

Blac Youngsta (courtesy of Google)

Once they pulled over the suv, there were four handguns found, one of which was in between Blac Younsta’s legs. Blac Youngsta, who’s been in trouble before for firing shots at another rap artist; didn’t seem to mind the stop. In fact he identify himself as a rapper. Once a van was called to transport him and others to a Dallas jail, he was delighted with their choice of transportation. In fact, so much so that he was asking for the cost of the van.

Lil Migo, another rap artist, was also arrested with Blac Youngsta. It’s being reported that he was carrying weapons and between 10k-20k in cash. Story is currently still developing. Stay tuned for more info.

Blac Youngsta 3/29/21 Mugshot (courtesy of Google)

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