Beer and a Conversation 7-16-19

Beer And A Conversation on Unkut TV broadcasting through Status Network
8:00pm-9:00pm EST

Tonight Night:

“Co-Ed Convo” Third Show In A Row
“When Being Cheated On, Do You Prefer To Hear It From Your Patner Directly or From The Streets”

“Why We Fight For The Right To Be Petty” Doctor Dressed Inappropriately Was Asked To Cover Up On Amercian’s Flight Acts As She’s The New Rosa Parks

Plus Additional Hot Topics

Join Me, & My Crew tomorrow and a number of other powerful personalities.

Sponsored In Part By: HighSpirits Bartending/HighSpirits HospitalityTraining

Outlets To Watch The Show:

YouTube: UnKut TV

App: Status Network App


Roku: Status Network, Show on UnKut TV channel

Call In # 470-251-4202 for your input



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