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Interested in having your own show? Need to do your show virtually? Interested in doing a pop-up show? Interesting in booking a pay-per-view show? Interested in selling your products and/or services live? Need studio space for your production, meeting, movie, book release, album release, video premiere… Status Network is here to assist… 
Some information about us…
We have 6 TV and Radio channels broadcasting over 100 shows (30 are live). We broadcast through ROKU, Amazon Fire Stick, the Status Network App,, Facebook live, Youtube, and Twitter simultaneously. We also broadcast through Instagram live stories from our system (Totally different from using a phone). Putting our shows in front of millions! And now we can do all this from the comfort of your home!
Status Network is a Network of multiple stations using multiple studios where most of our shows are done with Green Screen backgrounds LIVE. That means that we can do a show with different surroundings and background EVERY show! We bring guests in via video call, Skype or Zoom as if they were in the studio (Similar to how it’s done on CNN or TMZ). We also record all shows in HD so our guests or host can always use them. We are in the Summit South building in Atlanta.
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Call us at 678-506-1833 or email us [email protected] 
We look forward to working with you!

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