The Future Of Broadcasting…

Located in the city of Atlanta just 5 mins from the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and 6 mins from downtown Atlanta. We offer a very clean and professional Green screen podcast studio that works well for that one-off, weekly or monthly podcast.  1600 SF of usable space and each studio holds 10 to 15 people comfortably. This is where you come when quality matters!

Bring your guests to a studio you can be proud of! This studio is designed for greenscreen technology (We use Blue). That means that we can do a show with a different surrounding and background EVERY show! We bring guests in via Skype or Zoom as if they were in the studio (Similar to how it’s done on CNN). Just get us your sponsor clips or shorts and you can play them live instantly when you’re on the air. We also record all shows in HD so you and your guests can always use them. We provide the engineer and all the equipment needed to record or stream your HD or 4K podcast live. Once you send the “Run of show” you just be the talent and we will handle the rest. Our staff has over 10 years’ experience in broadcasting.

We broadcast out through multiple outlets like ROKU, Amazon Firestick, Status Network our App, Website, Facebook live, Youtube, Twitter, and more at the same time. We also broadcast through Instagram live stories from our system (Totally different from using a phone). We have multiple studios that can be catered to your needs.

We’ve been trusted to host podcasts for individuals like Rodney Perry, Kipper Jones, Johnnie Cabbell, Tamika “Georgia Me” Harper, etc…
We’ve had guests such as Stacey Abrams, Vanessa Williams, Sinbad, Donell Jones, Rick Party, Frank Ski, Ryan Cameron, Shooter, Zaytoven, Benzino, Lightskin Keisha, Trell “Donk” Webb, Shanrae Price, Victory Boyd, Navv Green, Bone Hampton, Tu Rae, Dr. Anthony Smith, and Karon Joseph Riley to name a few.

Contact us at:
[email protected]
Office: 678-506-1833

Status Network was founded by  Louis “JackTre” Wallace Jr