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Neg 2 Pos Talk Show host, Paul Posey Sr., is on a mission to battle family dysfunction and bring about unity among broken families. He believes in order to move forward families need open lines of communication, healing, and redefine what family is for our future.

Neg 2 Pos Talk Show “Talking with neighbor Tyler Raines” 3-20-19

Neg 2 Pos Talk Show on Lyve TV powered by Status Network “I just wanted to make a difference in y’all lives” said Mr. Johnson of 6th and Buchanan St., Gary IN. My elder neighbor from my childhood. I feel the same way…. My young neighbor Tyler Raines will be joining me on the show. […]

Neg 2 Pos Show “Men Can Feel Too” 3-6-19

Welcome Kevin Thornton to the NEG2POS Show, This going to be honest and transparent episode and i brought the right guest. I often read posts, and engage in conversations….. 8 out of 10 times about men… So let’s Talk Feel free to post your questions and I will read and answer them Live on the […]

Neg 2 Pos Talk Show “Conversations That Families Need To Have” 2-20-19

Neg 2 Pos Talk Show on Lyve TV broadcasted through Status Network Welcome to The NEG2POS Show Ms. Kimberly Glenn…. We will talk about starting the conversation, that most families need to have…. This is going to be Real…. Download the Status Network App on Call In # 470-251-4343 #Neg2PosTalkShow #StatusNetwork #LyveTV #TheFutureOfBroadcasting #MyTeamIsDope

Neg 2 Pos Talk Show “Healthier Generations Project” 2-6-19

Neg 2 Pos Talk Show on Lyve TV broadcasted through Status Network This Week on the NEG2POS Talk Show we will have Roosevelt Muhammad of the Healthier Generations Project. He will share information about an amazing program that was designed to help new parents to start off on the right foot… #NEG2POSTalkShow Wednesday Feb 6th […]

Neg 2 Pos Show “Your Family and Mental Health” 1-16-19

Tonight Tune In To The Neg 2 Pos Show…… Check Us Out…… If you feel it you can Call In 470-251-4343….. Or Watch on #MyTeamisDope #StatusNetwork #TheFutureofBroadcasting #LyveTV

Neg 2 Pos Show “Talking with Young Dads” 1-2-19

Neg 2 Pos Show on Lyve TV broadcasted through Status Network Talking with Young Dads….. Let’s talk about their plans to be greater….. Outlets To Watch The Show: Tweets by status_network_ YouTube: Lyve TV Roku: Status Network, Show on Lyve TV channel Call In # 470-251-4343 #Neg2PosShow #StatusNetwork #LyveTV #TheFutureOfBroadcasting #MyTeamIsDope […]