It’s Your World

It’s Your World, (IYW) is a community-based program created specifically with the melanated community in mind. IYW will provide informational programs specifically to guide and assist our community in the areas in which there are disparities. Healthcare, Mental Health, Police Brutality, Education, Technology, Entrepreneurship, and focus on providing solutions that will transpose into actual change and is directed from ages 18-100.

IYW will provide a portion of its sponsorship, in giving back to the community through biweekly giveaways to include money, mental health counseling, marriage counseling, tuition assistance, vacation giveaways, childcare, Black Couples /Family acknowledgement, homelessness, the abused and in any way in which we can make a difference.

IYW will in addition, provide free online education to 5 people in the community to further their education (monthly) and obtain financial independence through vocational training 24/7 online and obtain certified credentials. We will work with the community to find additional services to affordable healthcare, social justice and effect change via the black networks.

IYW is focused on enhancing our vision by providing help to our community by fixing ourselves and creating a melanated legacy for our community by touching and transforming each life one show at a time.

It’s Your World “Substance Abuse and Addiction” 6-26-21

Tune in to It’s Your World on Manifest TV powered by Status Network as we engage in the topic of Substance Abuse and Addiction.   We will speak with Christine Celious, LPN (Chester, PA) a nurse of 24 years who works in the specialty of addiction and substance abuse. Also, Salhaa Owen (CPT) will join us […]

It’s Your World “Black Company Providing Remote Jobs” 6-12-21

It’s Your World on Manifest TV powered by Status Network #ItsYourWorld #StatusNetwork #ManifestTV #TheFutureOfBroadcasting

It’s Your World “What Else Don’t We Know About COVID-19?” 5-22-21

Dr Dillard joins It’s Your World host Saarah Dash on Manifest TV powered by Status Network to discuss a topic that continues to develop more and more in the news. The question is: What Else Don’t We Know About COVID-19? You don’t want to miss this episode. #ItsYourWorld #StatusNetwork #ManifestTV #TheFutureOfBroadcasting